The Right Way–The Wrong Way–The Army Way

Yesterday we learned that Colin Powell is not ready to endorse Barrack Obama in 2012.

Geez…he said in 2007 he endorsed him because of his race and that it would be historic if he were elected.

How right he was, a new trail has been blazed.

Along with being the first 12.5% Black President (the remaining 87.5% is Arab and Caucasian) he’s also the first President to do what all other President’s combined couldn’t…run up $5 Trillion in debt in three years.

He’s also managed to inflame every serious Christian in the country with a mandate that “bullies” their conscience¬†with regard to abortion and a politically motivated “surprise” that traditional marriage is no more Holy than a variation to it.

I appreciate anyone who can make the rank of General in the U.S. Army, reason being, they had to earn every stripe.

Colin, you’ve done everything you can to tarnish your once great reputation and for that you’ve no one to blame but yourself…in fact, imagine the outrage if the Army said they made you General for the same reason?

If the stars were aligned again and you could have a “redo” I wonder what you’d say?

Voting for skin color makes about as much sense as choosing a President based on their astrological sign…it’s 100% not the Army way.


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