Bullying at the Wrong University

One of the first things fans of Notre Dame football learn is that Jesus loves touchdowns.

That’s why there’s a mural of Him with hands raised to the heavens in one of the end zones.

Six points…to inspire the Fighting Irish.

As long as we’re pressing the issue about the interests of our Lord, do you know what His favorite soft drink is?

I’ll give you a hint…it tastes like chocolate milk and comes in a can.

Give up?

A few of you got it…it’s Yoohoo Soda.

Why you say?

Easy..because He said “Come to me all ‘you who’ are thirsty?”


Sorry this post took such a presumptive twist.

Many of you may not like the idea of jokes about Jesus.

Please accept my apologies.

Speaking of dangerous stand-up routines with a presumptive twist, one thing the President never planned, when he launched is phony Republican War on Women, by deliberately “bullying” Catholic Institutions of America, was one particularly beloved University fighting back.

Bullies hate it when their victims huddle-up and then come roaring back at them, especially when they have the power to send that bully to the sidelines with a concussion.

Bottom line…the President tricked the board of directors at Notre Dame into believing he should speak there in 2008.

That didn’t mean Catholics across America joined his pro-choice baby killing revolution, it just meant Obama thought he had a friend in Jesus.

It was merely an olive branch by the University and a poorly chosen one too I might add.

Obama also underestimated the most powerful force at any University with a longstanding reputation…the Alumni.

My bet?…some of the more successful graduates dialed in, after the HHS attack on Catholic Institutions, saying something to the board like…”this is a huge embarrassment for us…fix it!”

The result?…43 Catholic institutions filed suit against the President.

The 800 pound guerilla in the room?…Touchdown Jesus is one of the plaintiffs.

Bullies never win in the end…Yoohoo Mr. President…how’s that game plan working out?

Fighting Irish may be a bit loud and obnoxious, but they don’t take kindly to their Mother Church being shoved to the floor.



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