Biting the Hand that Breeds Them

From the very beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Liberal Democrats have embraced them as their “attack dog,” to the Conservatives’ TEA Party.

In spite of mountains of atheistic prayers sent downward, the Taxed Enough Already gang has yet to have members arrested for terrorism.

Ironically, the Socialist movement President Obama denies, celebrated their first arrests in Chicago yesterday, under the same President’s new rules on terror, as they howled at the NATO Summit.

I’m proud of Barrack; now he can cage his own rabid dogs until after the election, without even having to charge them with anything…that’s what they get for being such ungrateful K9’s.

In fact, with the new law just created, he can send them to his “no-kill” shelter in Cuba for life, with no hope for adoption.

Way to go Guantanamo!…or should I say, “not go?”

The Occupiers were supposed to growl at Republican gatherings, not poop on summits that their top-dog is headlining.

Those of us who’ve been around a while realize OWS is no more an original idea than the TEA Party.

I’ve been a TP’er since 1980, when Jimmy Carter gave me a car loan for 18.9%.

The Occupier breed, at least the way I see it, had its origin during the “sit-in” era of the Viet Nam War.

They bit LBJ hard enough to make him quit and now they’re nipping at Obama’s heels.

Keep yelping pups…but watch out who you bite, your master is using his position as the untethered leader of the pack to have you spayed and neutered.


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