The Power to Change His Country of Birth

Definition of the word Biography: written history of a person’s life

Imagine there was a “bio” (a term used for a miniature version of the above, usually used as  an introduction) written about you that was soon to be published promoting you as a writer. 

My son, who is a professional musician, has had to write numerous bios through the years…they never appear out of thin air.

Imagine also that your literary agent sent a draft back over to you before publication (after he asked you what to put in it, as they always do) and even after proof reading it, you allow a mistake like, your place of birth to be wrong?

I’m incredibly proud of my Lebanese heritage, but in a million years if someone tried to write a bio about me stating I was born over there and not here in the U.S, I’d cut them to ribbons.

Even if they said it would help me sell more books.

Why would anyone in their right mind willingly agree to a blatant lie about their place of birth?

Even though my blog bi-line screams out daily “DEBATE IS NOT HATE,” in the politically correct world, it still is.

I’m a racist if I accuse Mr. Obama of being born anywhere but Hawaii, so then, just for the sake of smooth race relations, I agree whole heartedly, he was born in our 50th state.

How then is there still not a single reporter in this great land with courage enough to ask Obama why his literary bio was so wrong?

Sounds like he’s got a bit of Elizabeth Warren in him too.

She’s the Democrat trying to give Scott Brown’s Senate seat in Massachusetts back to Ted Kennedy, by pretending to be a Cherokee Indian.

Hey, maybe she’s the one who stole all the arrows out of the Pilgrim hats on the Mass Pike billboards?

Mr. President, your ideas may evolve, but when facts about where you were born start to change, that doesn’t bode well for one who’s supposed to be morally and ethically superior to the rest of humanity. 

I recommend reading both articles if you have time, otherwise you’ll think I’m a racist.


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