A No Strings Look Into the Future

We almost never answer our home telephone any more.

Mostly because we have caller ID and realize that the intruders are trying to take some kind of survey that might last up to half an hour to complete.

Who has that kind of free time?

Today I promise you can have a little bit of fun without committing any more than a second or two by taking the shortest survey ever.

The link is below and when you vote you’ll even get to see the results instantly.


The question is “Why did President Obama Choose to announce his support of gay marriage now?”

Be sure you look closely at the results.

This is no puny calculation either, the number of folks involved is quite staggering.

If you follow this blog, you won’t be a bit surprised by the results.

If you follow Obama, you’ll wish you didn’t vote, unless you’re a realist.

Kind of like the last time I wished I didn’t answer the home phone.

I don’t want to tell a total stranger what super market I shop at in a 40 question survey.

I’m a consumer not a turnstile.


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