With Enemies Like Joe Biden Who Needs Friends?

In today’s first reading from Acts 18, we read about a group of disgruntled religious living in Corinth, led by Sosthenes, upset with the Apostle Paul.

They (like Joe Biden yesterday, concerning wealthy Americans) decide to gin up a frenzied response from Galio the Proconsul, accusing that Paul is teaching in the Synagogues to worship God contrary to the law.

In the case of the VP, he’s trying to tell his audience in Ohio that Republicans are evil because they want Americans to earn wealth, contrary to the Democrat law of worshipping Government.

In the Scripture reading, the argument against Paul is so weak that Galio tells Sosthenes he has no interest in presiding over this irrelevant dispute.

Here’s news Joe, the American people feel the same way. 

They want to be successful on their own, not equally poor through redistribution.

So filled with shame are these members of the community, because of Sosthenes failure, they beat him right in front of Galio, who ignores it completely, as if Sosthenes deserved it.

Sound familiar?

A day doesn’t pass when a liberal pundit isn’t encouraging Obama to dump Joe.

I’m often criticized for making such analogies, but please bear with me by watching Joe Biden foam at the mouth over all that’s evil in this great land–succesful Americans. 

One more awesome treat in this video–we get to watch Bill O’Reilly do the beating–trust me–everyone left and right will enjoy this smack down. 

He “earned” it.

Please keep talking Joe, you’re saving the RNC a lot of money.



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