New Slogan “Slime Loves NY”

I may be getting too old to comprehend society any longer as just a few days ago a New York Superior Court declared that “merely” watching child pornography online is not a crime.

I always thought that people became judges because of their superior wisdom.

It almost seems like this is more of a decision on the interpretation of computer usage than on perverted behavior.

Here’s an excerpt from the Washington Times.

The high court unanimously agreed to reverse two of the dozens of child-pornography counts against a former college professor, saying there was no evidence the professor did more than look at some images on his computer.

Wait…is there some other way to digest child pornography than to “look” at it?

The hair these robed robbers of innocence are splitting is the fact that the images were “streaming” on the good professor’s computer and not “downloaded.”

That to me is as wacky as saying someone purchased child pornography, but didn’t look at it, they just ripped it up and sprinkled it onto their cereal for breakfast.

This is one of the most bizarre cases of nuance to protect a left-wing professor I’ve ever seen.

Thank God for the New York legislators introducing a bill to unwind this type of behavior.

I wonder how many sex offenders are moving to New York State right now?

Watch out folks, their behavior has been codified and before you know it they’ll be demanding social security benefits for their illness.


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