Anti-Bullying Programs Start at Home

Last week’s Time Magazine cover, on which a boy about to turn 4 years old was latched onto his mother’s breast, seems to have inspired their rival Newsweek.

With an almost equally shocking cover, the President’s head is surrounded by a rainbow halo and declared–The First Gay President.

I wonder if his wife knows.

I also wonder if the less than brilliant mom on the cover of Time has a husband who’s aware of his son’s inability to let go of what should be the past.

I’ve taken my lumps through the years defending friends against bullies.

I wear those bruises with a badge of honor.

At some point, when the “bullying programs” started to become self-fulfilling, is where America went wrong.

Here’s what I mean.

If I’m a Liberal leaning parent and I deliberately put my child on the cover of Time Magazine, so that for the remainder of his childhood he’ll be the object of scorn amongst his peers, am I not exploiting him?

In a strange way, the President has capitalized on the views of his children to justify his store-bought magic-wand he’s waving over the same-sex community.

Imagine how the liberal papers would’ve howled had President Bush made a controversial stand based on his two daughters comments around the dinner table.

At some point good parents must encourage children to stop using baby-talk for fear they will be ridiculed.

Allowing them to rely totally on “bullying programs” to defend their childish behavior would be more than a bit irresponsible, don’t you think?


4 Responses to “Anti-Bullying Programs Start at Home”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Did you happen to catch my last blog, Jim? I really don’t think that kid on time will become suicidal or a rapist based on the teasing he might get there. Not that I’d defend the shock tactics used there (other than their being more factual than Fox’s) but to try to claim that you are addressing the genuine issue of bullying here or that it has anything to do with these magazine covers is more than a little naive.

  2. jmassery Says:

    David, Can you please post a link to your blog in a reply so I can see it? Thanks again for your contribution and also for pointing out my naivite’. My wife does that quite often too.

  3. Elaine Donoghue Says:

    Totally agree that the kid has been marked for life for school-yard ridicule, & in an age where bullying is fed by every media outlet.
    Clueless earth mother, and her kid exhibited strange behaviour during the ABC interview.

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