In case readers don’t know, the President is touting a new catch phrase–“FORWARD.”

It’s the most commonly used slogan in history–by socialists that is…but remember–he says he’s not one.

Yesterday we learned that his position on a controversial topic, same-sex marriage, has evolved to the point where now he’s been enlightened and is in support of it.

Interesting how he was against it before he was for it.

Or, was he simply covering up his feelings to get elected in a center-right country back in 2008.

My theory?…he was always a socialist and he always believed in same-sex marriage.

Politically, the time has come for him to recreate himself…mainly because the polls are not looking good.

Nothing more.

The only thing that’s really moving “forward” is the idea that Obama thinks the American people will be fooled a second time.

I can’t wait to read all the post-election books that will be written on why he lost in 2012.

Now those are books on evolution Christians will enjoy.


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