Whirled Peas on Conan

Several years ago a young married couple who rented an apparent from me drove a car with a bumper sticker that I liked.

It said: Visualize Whirled Peas

That’s comedy.

Why would supposed funny man, Conan O’Brien, think it comical to bring Ron Artest, the thug from the L.A. Lakers, a.k.a. Meta World Peace, onto the Conan show as a guest this week?

Here’s a look at what the Lakers basketball star did to another ball player.

The incident got him suspended for the next seven games.

He should-be suspended for the season and if I were James Harden, a visit to LAPD requesting assault and battery charges would’ve been my post-game therapy.

It’s a poor reflection on our pop-culture that this invitation to a TV show is tolerated by society.

Conan also thought it might be funny to do lead-in commercials by elbowing someone in the head.

In days gone by only the victim of such a crime would be allowed face time.

Think of the message these two pea-brained celebrities are sending to our children.

Try to kill your neighbor over a game, then, get on TV as if it’s funny.

Here’s my idea of something funny–inside the brain of Ron Artest and Conan O’Brien are whirled peas, acting as membrane.

A trained seal would have more common sense than these two.


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