No Greater Way to Remember Our Dead

One of the rules in our Diocese, which at first seemed odd, ended up leading to a greater blessing.

Yesterday, May 5th, marked the 25th anniversary of my father’s death–Ed.

This year, 2012 is also year 10 for my dear brother Louis and year 12 for my mom-Alice.

Each number was significant to me.

Since I was not able to have a Mass said for three people at one time at our Church, according to Diocesan rules, our Priest suggested he say one at our home.

Perfect suggestion.

In the 70’s and 80’s, Bishop Weldon, a close friend of my dad’s, would often come to 48 Loumar Dr. in Pittsfield to say Mass in our living room.

Most of the 40 relatives and friends who attended yesterday were there 30 years ago too.

If you’ve never done this at your house, I recommend it.

God’s presence in your home, as you celebrate the Eucharist and read His Word in the Liturgy, will allow you to experience God’s presence in a way no other party or gathering possibly can.

Even a Bible study, though good, cannot touch what this can do.

Thanks to all who attended and especially to our Priest, Fr. John, who reminded us that for the first 400 years of Christianity there were no church buildings, just homes in which we formally worshipped the Father.

I’ll bet folks in the ancient world even served Fatoosh and Hummoos afterwards that was almost as good as mine.


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