An Arabic Lesson About a Dog

I may no longer need to say anything bad about politicians I don’t like.

Thanks to YouTube and the fact most every American keeps a movie studio in their pocket, the things my ideological opposites say are uploaded instantly for the world to see.

I can simply share them here and let you decide.

Some talks are not as easy to interpret and what I find shocking might not offend the average American.

I’m fairly confident what I’m about to show you won’t confuse.

Bad humor is always just that.

In fact, this joke made me want to “yiqfoo.”

That’s the Lebanese/Arabic word for “vomit.”

Another useful Lebanese/Arabic word is “kelb”–which means “dog.”

If you ever hear me call you, or anyone else, “ib’n kelb,” don’t take it as a term of endearment.

O.K. folks, are you ready to learn about what one “ib’n kelb,” thinks is a funny joke about a dog?

Here you go…get ready to “yiqfoo.”

This wisecrack was so bad it’s almost un-American.


PS…When I said I wouldn’t say anything bad, I meant “in English.”


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