Politically Damaging Vacations

I get a real kick out of the left-wing media when they try to say that George W. Bush went on more vacations than the Obamas.

It’s really all in the way you describe what a vacation is.

The Bush’s liked to travel home to their ranch in Crawford, TX. 

When I visualize W. on vacation, all I can see is a pick axe and a wooden fence, along with that famous crooked smile of his.

No Hotel bills there.

Fast forward to today’s Presidential vacations and I can’t help but see the Obamas posing for the camera in front of the seven wonders of the world.

I wonder why they’re not doing home improvement at their place in Chicago?

Someone recently said the first family is acting like they won the lottery.

If they had won the lottery, what they’re doing wouldn’t be so offensive, because they’d be spending their own dollars, not the taxpayer’s.

Here’s a link to an article about how even real live Democrats are starting to resent the lavish lifestyle of the Demander in Chief.

It also mentions that the folks in general don’t hate Romney.

Hmmm…could there be a pattern here?

Maybe wealthy Americans like the Romneys, who are spending their own money, not the taxpayer’s, are rubbing the masses a bit less than the President and the left-wing media want you to believe.

Tough for Obama to run a campaign without someone to hate–isn’t it–especially with such a stellar record of fiscal success.

Oh…wait…am I allowed to be sarcastic without being called a racist?

Here’s another evil thought of mine, maybe the Obamas know their time is short…that might explain the revolving door of vacations.

I’m just sayin’.



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