On November 6’th Obama Must Bow to You

Those of us appalled by this President’s penchant for bowing to foreign leaders, especially those who were once, or still are–enemies–can look forward to that one day every four years when he must bow to you–the voter.

When he does bow, it won’t be willingly either.


Because never before has a President so trampled on freedoms he feels you never deserved to have in the first place.

Never before has a President globe trotted the world apologizing for our founding fathers.

Never before has a President steered more payback money, through cronyism, to bundlers and huge campaign contributors.

I like what Romney said about the American people last night.  “We never gave up on America.”

Here’s a link to the entire transcript and/or video of Governor Romney’s acceptance speech after sweeping five primaries last night.

Our local left-wing paper, who I lambasted when Romney swept three primaries a few weeks ago, after they put a photo of Obama into the headline, have smartened up.

This morning I can’t criticize them for doing the same thing as the last time–they simply didn’t report the story–the Red Communists would be so proud.



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