The People’s White House–Real Transparency

In case any of the people reading this blog are wondering how you can gain access to the White House, I believe I have the answer.

Remember, the President’s number one goal is to be fair to the people across this great land, so that everyone has a chance.

One particular person who only has the best interest of America at heart and to whom the President has thrown open the doors of the White House, is a humble gentleman named Richard Trumka.

Just like the majority of Americans he represents, he is a fair and honest member of the AFL-CIO, who only earned $264,827 in 2010 as their President.

Where did he get that money, without having a product to sell, you might be wondering?

From the teachers and firefighters and carpenters who make on average 8-times less than he does–that’s where.

He even put out an email demanding that CEO pay be investigated, while all the while, his own is a bit questionable.

And as far access to the White House, so that he could handover a couple of dollars to the President, try and guess how many times he found his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

Not 5 times, not 10 times, not even 25 times, but 70 times.

How many times have you been invited?

Those few bucks I was talking about, that he personally delivered…over a $1 million–and, with no product to sell…that’s right–it’s money from the teachers again…

So, now you see how you can gain access to the White House.

The same White House that said it would be the most transparent administration in History.

They’re right–in a way–you can see right through them.


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