Obama’s Name–Not as Bad as Hitler’s–Yet

Recently the Bishop of Peoria, Illinois, Bishop Daniel Jenky, riled a few feathers in the Anti-Defamation League of Chicago, by comparing President Obama to Stalin and Hitler.  Jenky said.

Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services and health care.

Wow–talk about a parallel.

Ironically, it was not because the Defamation League Regional President Lonnie Nasatir loves Obama to death, that he was upset, but because the Bishop compared abortion in America to something his organization feels they alone have the right to complain about…Hitler.

Here’s what Nasatir said.

The bishop’s homily trivialized the deaths of six million Jews and others during the Holocaust. He said there are few if any historic parallels to the religious intolerance and anti-Semitism fostered in society by Stalin, and especially Hitler.

There’s no argument here.

I totally agree–Hitler’s intolerance and hatred belongs to the Jews.

It’s just that the name Obama, to too many Americans, still has not sunk to the level of Hitler–so–the Bishop felt the need to compare him to those universally recognized as evil.

Don’t worry Mr. President–you’ll get there on your own soon.

Here’s what we need to do as Catholics–just state the facts about Obama and abortion in America, then, eventually, the “defamation” of Barrack’s name will settle to the bottom.

Here are a few facts about abortion in America.

Since 1973 there have been 50 million, or, approximately 3,322 per day.

Here’s how the majority of them are performed.

Suction aspiration; the most common abortion method, is typically performed when the fetus is 6-12 weeks, but can be used up to 16 weeks. The cervix is dilated, and a hollow plastic tube with a sharp tip is inserted into the cervix and then into the uterus. An aspirator attached to the tube tears the body of the fetus apart and suctions the pieces through the tube.

Dilation and Curettage; is performed when the fetus is 6-12 weeks. The cervix is opened using an osmotic dilator. Then a curette (a thin metal rod with a knife-sharp loop at the end) is inserted into the uterus. The curette is used to dismember the fetus. After this, a cannula (a hollow plastic tube) attached to a suction aspirator is inserted to remove the fetus, placenta and uterine lining. These are captured by a stockinet attached to the end of the suction tube.  To avoid the risk of infection or hemorrhaging, the contents of the stockinet are examined to be sure all fetal parts have been removed.

Just think, in a few short years, Obama will own this legacy, just like the Jews own the legacy of Hitler.



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