Dogging the Truth

The Trayvon Martin case will be resolved now in a court of law, where the truth will rise to the surface and settle the matter.

Every crime deserves the light of day in our court system.

Sadly, when certain types of crime occur, which deserve similar scrutiny, if the wrong race is the victim of violence, truth is often ignored.

In late March, a white man in Grand Rapids, Michigan was attacked because of one thing–his color.

The media in Michigan has refused to fully report the story.

Thank God for journalist Kyle Rogers from the Charleston Examiner.

Please check out this story.

Just like Obama, the left-wing media is in full campaign mode.

The best they can do is try and make every story about who treats their dog better, Romney or Obama.

It’s a dog’s life of politically correct spin in which we live.

I say–speak–the truth.


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