Friday the 13’th–Is It a Bad Day to Drink Starbucks?

Many of the superstitions we embrace are simply just that.

Others things that tend to scare us, can be biblically based.

The amount $6.66 for example, rang up for me this morning at Starbucks.

Another person in line said, “that number, plus today being Friday the 13’th, is bad luck.”

They were right–in a way–and so is every other day and every other transaction in life, when we’re not pushing ahead with the Gospel message and living under God’s Grace.

Within a second of the person in line’s comment I replied with the following remark.

When you purposely choose that number–it’s bad. When it’s randomly assigned to you, like it was at Starbucks, it’s a call to fight back.

In today’s first reading, we can see what types of things can happen when we do fight back–Acts 4.

After the crippled man had been cured,
while Peter and John were still speaking to the people,
the priests, the captain of the temple guard,
and the Sadducees confronted them,
disturbed that they were teaching the people
and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead.
They laid hands on Peter and John
and put them in custody until the next day,
since it was already evening.
But many of those who heard the word came to believe
and the number of men grew to about five thousand.

When our sole mission is to draw souls to Christ and help those around us who are hurting, we can’t help but overcome the most intimidating circumstances that come our way.

Peter and John brought 5,000 to Christ by obeying His command to preach the Word.

Had they avoided Truth, because of the power of the Enemy, we might not be here today…drinking Starbucks.

We’d be chock full o’nuts.


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