The Redistribution of Women

O.K. folks–the Republican War on Women that you’ve been hearing about has officially been taken over by Barrack Obama and his surrogate Hilary Rosen.

What you are about to hear will insult you, it will insult your mother, it will insult your grandmother and every other woman in America who ever stayed at home to raise a child.

Why did she do this?

I have no idea.

Maybe things aren’t going so well?

Maybe the polling data about how Obama is doing far better than Romney with women is made up?

We know anything’s possible.

Get ready to throw your computer out the window.

Any child raised in America, like I was, by an intelligent loving mom, who stayed at home, because it was the far better thing to do than worship the almighty dollar, was blessed, not cursed.

Ironically, the primary reason so many moms can’t afford to do this anymore is because of a tax code and welfare system that makes all working people provide for all those who refuse to work.

Jesus was right when He said, “the poor you will have with you always.”

Notice He never said, “taxing workers to give that money to the poor was a viable way to redistribute wealth.”

Not even close.

All the President and his people can do is attack that which is Holy and Sacred.

It will never stop.

And if you think this is bad, another four years of a lame duck Obama would be far worse.


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