How Denial Can Get You Into a Museum

I’m not able to predict the future.

What I can do though, is tell the weather by looking outside my window from time to time.

When it’s raining cats and dogs, I’m fairly certain I need an umbrella.

When it’s snowing, I need gloves and a hat.

Today, the political left-wing media is doing everything it can to redefine how one defines the electoral climate.

Common sense says, the fact that a George Bush U.S. Attorney is now one of the most beloved Governors in the country, tells us a few things.

By the way, this big man is not from the big State of Texas either.  He’s from New Jersey–Chris Christie.

The fact that in the 2010 elections, the Democrats lost 63 seats, the highest midterm election loss since 1938, one couldn’t possibly read into that.

It meant nothing at all.

Finally, when Ted Kennedy passed away, the last of the 3 famous Kennedy brothers, no one even dared to think that a Republican could possibly take that seat…except for the guy who did it.

It must have been Scott Brown’s truck the people of liberal Massachusetts loved, not Scott.

Whose fault is it that things are going so poorly for the Dems?

No, it’s not Snookie.

You know and I know–but the left-wing media calls our opinion racist.

Wow–putting on gloves and a hat never caused a race riot before.

And even though its raining cats and dogs on Democrat ideology, they want you to leave your umbrella at home.

Thank God–you know better.

Denial is a tough way to rule.

Keep it up New York Times.

It’s only a matter of time before you receive your ultimate accolade–a prominent place of honor–right beside the Telegraph–at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Naturally, a paper that lies, eventually dies.


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