Is Obama The Anti-Pope?

Unless you’ve studied ancient Church history, it’s possible you’ve never heard the term “Anti-Pope.”

It’s real.

Since the first Pope, St. Peter, a.k.a. Simon Bar-Jonah, the Church has had a few schisms, where men, other than one at a time, claimed to be the true Pope and leader of the Catholic Church.

At one point during the late 1300’s, there were three…one real and two Antis.

As I was reading the headlines on the Drudge Report today, I couldn’t help but think about how we have a real Pope Benedict at the Vatican and an American Pope named Tebow.

Now, before you get your Notre Dame football pants in a bundle, Tim is way too humble to ever cause a schism.

He just happens to be the one man in America, who can draw tens of thousands to a Church service on Easter Sunday, like his Christian brother Benedict in Rome and make the front page of Drudge because of his impact on world culture.

That’s Papal gravitas in my book.

Thank God he loves Jesus…if he didn’t–obviously–he’d be just another ball player.

Several weeks ago, when President Obama, in one of his lowest moments as our leader, declared war on the consciences of American Catholic Institutions, demanding they pay for abortion pills for employees, in a creepy way, used his power as President to usurp the role of our Shepherd Benedict, telling us what should be permissible within our religion.

Just like his Anti-Cousin–the Evil One–planning his diabolical return to earth–Obama’s dream is to kill as many babies as he can, maintain power over the free world and flush the consciences of thousands of American women who carelessly believe such procedures are not much different than burning off a wart.

Don’t forget, he’s the one who said, “I wouldn’t want my daughters to be punished with a baby.”

Not really sure how to close this rant today.

Maybe I’ll declare myself Pope?

I’d love to be on Drudge.


2 Responses to “Is Obama The Anti-Pope?”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Jim… you disappoint me so badly on this one.

    First of all, dogma to the contrary, the Catholic belief that “every sperm is sacred” and that any release thereof which cannot conceivably lead to pregnancy (masturbation, “protected sex,” sex using estrogen pills for the woman, etc.) is therefor sinful is just plain logically and morally unsustainable. No offence, but it’s nuts to expect the government to protect those dogmas for you.

    Secondly, the priority is to finally prevent the US from being the one country in the industrialized world where tens of thousands of people die for lack of means of paying for medical treatment each year, and where hundreds of thousands go bankrupt as the result of emergency hospital treatment each year. Yes, “single payer” would make a hell of a lot more sense, but since the votes were only there to do it Massachusetts (Romney) style, employers have to pay for health insurance (like the Mass Pike HoJo’s used to do for me when I last lived in the States). As a matter of practical necessity, the health care that employers provide cannot be limited according to their ideologies or even their religious convictions: Staff of the Watchtower Society’s printing works still need to be able to have blood transfusions if they are in car accidents. Staff of the Christian Science Monitor need to be able to get chemotherapy if they have cancer. Religious employers can tell their parishioners what medications they are and are not allowed to take, but they cannot make the same judgement for their employees.

    Thirdly, referring to the silly slip ups of politicians of all sorts is par for the course, but out and out hate-mongering against a politician using obscure historical curse words that really aren’t the least bit relevant to the current situation is just plain tasteless. Seriously, dude, shame on you!

    • jmassery Says:


      Thanks for your in depth response to my column…most of what I say is political satire, so don’t be too mad at me….and you are absolutely correct in many of your points…what I enjoy doing, is poking fun at left wing politicians who dominate the mainstream media…they are very good at dishing out satire with their countless cartoons about the GOP, but very bad at taking it when it’s about them.

      Good response though, thanks again.


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