Court Divides–Obama Hides–Behind Conservative Argument

Rush Limbaugh had it right this week when he said the President’s attempt at initmidating the Supreme Court by saying they were “unelected officials legislating from the bench,” was almost like putting a bounty on their heads.

In light of the Black Panthers putting one on the head of George Zimmerman, Mr. Obama’s comments are not very settling.

Politically active Roman Catholics in the State of Massachusetts are more than just a little ticked off at the President this week for the arguments he’s using.

Permit me to roll back the clock, it was here in the Bay State that the term “legislating from the bench” became a mainstream idea.

Here’s the entire story on Wikipedia.

The bottom line is that today, 26 U.S. States have filed suit against the federal government regarding the mandate to buy health insurance in the Obamacare Act.

For the President to try and compare what happened in Massachusetts, when six people asked our State Courts to undo thousands of years of history and tradition, with regard to the definition of marriage–to the U.S. Supreme Court addressing a complete takeover of 25% of the U.S. economy by the federal government, is nothing short of a colossal ruse.

But that’s how Mr. Obama works.

The bigger the lie–the bigger the pie–right in the face of the American citizens.

The left is frantically stealing the same argument conservatives used back in ’03/’04 when our State Courts told our State Legislature to rewrite truth in the name of a politically correct lie.

Mr. Obama…well…being a Christian gentleman…I just can’t say what I think.


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