CNN Belittles VP Choice–It’s Obvious Why

O.K. folks–it’s official.

The left has abandoned hope that Joe Biden will ever say anything useful to their cause.

Yesterday, while out-of-town, I was forced to watch CNN News to get my political fix for the day.

It was painful.

The hotel didn’t offer Fox News.

Therefore–spin was king.

I’ve no idea who these folks were and frankly I don’t care…I’ve gotten over my turned stomach.

Yesterday they had the gall to say “whoever the Republican nominee is, their selection for Vice President is completely irrelevant to the outcome of the election.”


Can anyone possibly forget the frothing at the mouth the left showed (and still does) over two words they found almost unspeakable?

1. Sarah

2. Palin

One might’ve thought the Battle of Armageddon began when her name was announced by John McCain.

Here’s a fact.

Sarah Palin is smarter than Joe Biden.

Prove me wrong.

Here’s another fact.

America is not better off now than it was when we elected Obama.

Our freedoms have eroded and the fabric of what we believe–the U.S. Constitution–is being trampled each day by new and more divisive attacks on our citizens.

Obama has not retracted anything or moved to the center…he’s as far left as ever. 

All he does is spin his mistakes–and–on command, the likes of CNN obey.

I can’t say for sure the President will lose his re-election bid.

What I can confirm is that Truth is his enemy.

I can also promise our next VP will be smarter than Joe Biden.

No matter who it is…unless of course–we buy the spin.

PS…Don’t worry too much about the Etch-a-Sketch flub either, they’ve got Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robot Joe with a mic in his mouth for the next 7 months.


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