Forgotten Missions of Life–Summer Camp

When I was around 19 or 20 years old, I spent one week, two summers in a row, at a Christian Camp in Massachusetts, volunteering as a counselor.

I used my one week vacation from work making this little adventure.

The reason I was thinking about this is because my daughter is off again to Central America, on her fourth or fifth mission trip to help disadvantaged children.

The contrast between the two trips is interesting.

Since I didn’t own a pocket camera back then and hardly anyone else did either, I have no proof I even made this jaunt.

I have no solid memory of the name of the camp, it might have been Camp Life, no memory of any of the kids, except for one black child named Nicky, who had medical issues, but they did not hold back his starlike personality.

I have no memory of any other counselors, other than the camp director whose name was John.

I can’t remember much about the cabins we slept in, or the mess hall.

Without photos, like we have today, (my daughter always returns with over 50 shots of each trip) it’s nearly impossible for an old-timer like me to remember much more than a shadow of the events.

In Jeremiah 20 there’s a short little verse where the prophet says:

For to you Lord I have entrusted my cause.

The Lord has the photo album of our heart and motives saved in the Heavens for us (and Him) to hold and cherish forever.

Whatever we’ve done, in His name, even if it can’t be proven, still had just as much effect on souls we’ve touched here and on the crowns God Almighty has waiting for us on the other side–because we entrusted our cause to Him.

We counselors could’ve been at Daytona Beach, with the rest of the college co-eds our age, each of these two weeks.

So could my daughter.

I do remember a pond and a canoe, but the waves we made were just little ripples.

Good enough for God’s photo album.


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