On the Road to Cuba–The Pope–Not Bob Hope

For many years a great American comedian named Bob Hope made movies whose titles began with “On the Road to…” wherever he happened to be going.

Hope was always funny, he was tirelessly dedicated to visiting American troops overseas and never once did he have to tell a dirty joke to get a laugh.

His level of class was far superior to so many phony comedians today, who just wallow in the gutter because they’re either too lazy to think, or simply not smart enough to get laughs the hard way.

I could not help but marvel over the meeting between Pope Benedict and Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro earlier this week.

The Pope took his evangelization show on the road and surprisingly received a warm welcome from Fidel and brother Raul.

I found it interesting to see two giants in the world of ideology, coming face to face to discuss issues that almost seemed surreal, such as, the Pope asking Raul to make Good Friday a Holiday in Cuba.

Fidel reinstated Christmas in advance of Pope John Paul II’s visit in ’98, at the Pope’s request.

Who knew?

Ironically, I believe the Pontiff has a far greater chance of establishing a commemoration of Christ’s death in Havana than he does in D.C., with our prevailing anti Christ culture.

Jesus said in the scary version of 3:16, Revelation–“be ye hot or cold, but if you are luke warm, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Cuba is cold.

America is luke-warm.

That my dear friends is nothing to laugh about.

God help America to snap out of our politically correct, middle road on every issue–funk.

It takes courage to make a decision and take a stand.

The weakest minds just wallow in the filth of relative truth.


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