The Supreme Lecturer Gets Lectured

It wasn’t all that long ago that a U.S. President, for the first time in our history, publicly humiliated the Supreme Court Justices during a State of the Union Address.

Civil minded people all across this great land watched in shock as the Executive Branch of Government tried to drag the Judicial Branch down into the mud, where he regularly plays.

In case you’ve forgotten, check out this highlight reel…if you think the only consequence of this ill-advised lecture is that his daughters might not get summer internships at the Supreme Court–guess again.

The President now must try to defend the very thing he attacked when running against Hillary Clinton in 08.

Yes folks, it gets worse.

This new commercial below is just what the doctor ordered for those of us who still think the world is picking on Obama.

Next time you want to embarrass someone Mr. President, pick on someone your own size, like puny little me, who has a blog that’s being followed by my uncle in California and two or three others who accidentally stumble across it each day.

I can’t hurt you.

The Justices?…well…good luck with that mandate you’re defending.


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