Atheists Steal from Handicapped Boy–Indirectly

Two news headlines involving school students have me shaking my head this morning.

Headline one:

It seems the Freedom From Religion Foundation is threatening a law suit against the Valley School District in New Kensington, PA for a monument of the 10 Commandments that’s on school property.

The complaint came from a student at another school. 

His parents must be so proud.

The monument has been there since 1957, but everyone’s friend, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has made it their mission to correct this horrible wrong.

Headline two:

A 12-year-old handicapped boy, who wanted to bring his wheelchair basketball team to school, so his friends could learn more about the sport, was robbed as he went door-to-door selling water bottles to raise money to transport he and his friends to the gym.

A man simply walked up to the bucket of cash he was carrying, grabbed it and then calmly strode away, across the grass, where the boy could not go, leaving him with nothing but a broken heart.

Here’s my ultra-conservative-wacko idea on how we can resolve both of these cases at the same time.

Let’s catch the robber of the 12-year-old boy and as his punishment have him remove the monument and bring it to jail with him.

Seeing things like–“Thou Shall Not Steal”–in prison–just might be legal and could have a positive impact on him and his fellow jail-birds.

Wait…can I say “jail-bird” without being attacked by a community organizer?

Aren’t birds on some sort of endangered species list?

As for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, let’s ask them to send $1,000 to Cary, North Carolina, to pay for that wheelchair basketball game.

We all know how much they love children.

Since the monument is now removed and they don’t have to pay for a legal battle, they’ll have extra cash.

Another point to remember, since their atheist ancestors are partly responsable for thugs having no idea that stealing is wrong–and–if we must pay back other victim groups with retribution money who were indirectly hurt by our ancestors–why isn’t turn around fair play?

Sounds crazy right?


Common sense has no place in society today, ony the “utterly ridiculous” is considered for solutions to our problems.


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