Trayvon Martin–Rest in Peace–Through Bio-Metrics

The tragic death of teenager Trayvon Martin and the lack of an arrest of George Zimmerman, the confessed shooter, has taken over the headlines.

Most people who know the story have probably listened to all the 911 calls.

It’s the second round of calls that helped me realize how easy this case would be to solve.

I’m not a police officer, or an attorney, so I can’t say for sure if my ideas are admissible in court, but for Trayvon’s parents’ sake, I have to speak my mind.

In the newest released 911 call by a neighbor, whose building was next door to George and Trayvon, during the final moments of the fatal confrontation, you could easily hear the word “help” being screamed at the top of someone’s lungs in the background of the call.

The 911 dispatcher commented on the sounds she could hear.

Through the use of bio-metrics, a spectrogram/picture of that voice can be created that displays the time, vibration and frequency of vocal sounds and volume characteristics.

These are commonly called voiceprints.

Measurement of the time and frequency patterns make it possible to determine if two voice samples match.

In a matter of about 10 minutes, a re-enactment of those screams can be conducted, using the same telephone, from the same distance to the phone outside the caller’s window, dialing the same 911 phone line.

The missing piece is Trayvon’s voice.

But that doesn’t matter.

George Zimmerman claims that he was being attacked by Trayvon, therefore, by George’s story, it must be his voice that’s screaming for help, not Trayvon’s.

Aggressors don’t scream for help, their victims do.

So, why not have a judge force George to scream for help, then do a spectrogram of his voice, to see if it matches up with the voice on the 911 call?

If it turns out to be George’s voice that was screaming for help, that bolster’s George’s argument that he was being attacked.

If it doesn’t…well…may justice prevail.

Since every parent has numerous videos of their child these days, to make doubly sure of the value of the evidence, a spectrogram of Trayvon’s voice can be matched up with his cries for help.


3 Responses to “Trayvon Martin–Rest in Peace–Through Bio-Metrics”

  1. BREE Says:

    i see how you really dont know whose voice it is but since your an obama hater you automatically pic the wanna be cop who could not pass the police test when it is proven to be trayvon you will still make up a reason why it was not trayvon. im white so you dont have to get all rude ok wow at first i thought you were a conservative who soul searched and opened up to see what this really is til i read further hope god has mercy on yas

  2. BREE Says:

    notice when the crying stops. it gets loud when he rel;izes hes going to die

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