Bio-Ethicists Need New Name–Nazi

I’m not an expert on the Holocaust.

I do know one thing–Nazi scientists had no problem with experimenting on Jews, as if they were laboratory rats.

The atrocities are almost unspeakable.

We as a human culture swore we’d never let this happen again.

How well have we fared?

Check out this article by two “bio-ethicists” from Europe.

The word “ethicist” is in quotes because they’re anything but.

Here’s an excerpt.

Giubilini and Minerva wrote “when circumstances occur after birth that would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible.”

…“actual people’s well-being could be threatened by a newborn even if healthy child requiring energy, money and care which the family might happen to be in short supply of.”

It seems we’re coming around full circle doesn’t it?

Pro-Life Catholics and Christians are often ridiculed for calling abortion the new holocaust.

Looks to me–again–The Church had it right.

How’s that criticism working for ya’ now my dear progressive friends in the media?

Wait a minute.

It’s awful quiet.

Do you condone this theory?

Do you feel that after the birth of a baby, families can simply extinguish a human life, to save money and “energy”?

Other than this article I found on a conservative blog–where’s the outrage?

In a way, this revealing thesis, by the European “scientists,” is a good thing.

It gives us a glimpse at the root of the problem, i.e., an attitude of superiority over the weak and intolerance for any kind of inconvenience.

That was the attitude in Nazi Germany–that the Jews were costing them money…so…just label them, take away their humanity–make them go away.

Pro Choice soldier-ettes, screaming about women’s health issues–what’s your stance on this article?

Inquiring conservatives minds like mine want to know.

Your silence makes me think you too might be an “ethics” revolutionary.

Only the strong survive huh? 

What goes around comes around– especially on Judgement Day.


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