The Tea Bag and The Mouse

When my wife and I first married, we bought an old  house, built in 1896.

Needless to say, it needed work.

Not long after our first child was born I received a blood curdling phone call at work from Natalie.

I could barely understand her frantic speech, but what I did know was that she needed me.

Under the kitchen sink, she kept an old coffee can that we used for bacon grease.

That morning, with her glasses off, she looked down and thought she saw a tea bag that had fallen into the white ooze.

Of course, she picked it up by what she believed was the string, to get a better look.

As the tea bag came into focus, inches from her eyes, she came face to face with a dead mouse–not tea at all.

That’s when the screaming started.

Before he ate himself to death, I’m pretty sure the mouse had a much better time that day than Natalie did.

Too often in life, things that we don’t want to believe are bad for us, may actually be the very thing sending us into a downward spiral.

We’re often blinded by fuzzy interpretations of God’s Truth and when we finally do get to the bottom of things, the damage to our walk with God and our relationship with loved ones and friends has been done.

Each morning, whether it be by prayer or study of God’s Word, or both, we need to humbly beg God for wisdom to live in reality–not fiction.

The pursuit of riches and wealth is a good thing, provided our goal is to share it with others in need, not just hoard it for ourselves.

When overindulging on temporal things, like that mouse did, we may be killing ourselves with what is otherwise a good thing, if done in moderation.

Here’s a tip for homeowners in old houses.

Put a lid on that coffee/bacon can.

You might save yourself an hour or two of personal time at work.


2 Responses to “The Tea Bag and The Mouse”

  1. Adelene Says:

    You remind me of a guy for whom “The Massery Award” was named! He (communion of Saints) /I are inspired of which you write…
    Love, AQ

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