Can America Save Obama?

I’ve just finished reading Ezekiel 47, where the prophet of the same name sees rivers of water flowing out from the temple of God.

The climax of the passage is when the river’s water–so pure–finally meets the Arabian Sea.

Those of you who know your Old Testament remember that the salt water becomes fresh.

Outside of a miracle, that just can’t happen.

In fact, it’s the opposite–without God’s intervention.

I also read an article this morning in the New York Post…I know, that’s not saying much.

And yes, it’s part here-say.

The story goes like this.

It seems GE’s CEO, Geoffrey Immelt, Obama’s publicly touted main “binness–man” has been secretly hand wringing over the President’s inability to move to the center politically.

It’s reported that Immelt is encouraging upper echelon GE executives to send their POTUS dollars in the other direction.

Even more telling is his letter to share holders.

Here’s an excerpt from Charles Gasparino’s Post article.

Immelt: “We live in a tough era in which the public discourse, in general, is negative . . . American companies, particularly big companies, are vilified” …“we need to work together to find a better way.”

Yes we do Geoff.

In the natural, it seems impossible to change the President, who’s so committed to his Left-wing cronies, that even a pipeline to Canada is taboo.

In my mind, the sins of Obama, who’s now pushing morning after pills onto Catholic Institution students, announced Friday by Kathleen Sibelius–the employee base wasn’t enough, makes him a polar opposite of the fresh river of water coming from the Temple.

Obama’s throne is secular humanism and we know who sits on that one.

We the American majority, vastly outnumbering progressives in power, are like a fresh water ocean that a salt water river is trying to poison.

All we can do, to save Obama and the rest of our society, is to continue to absorb his wretched ideas until our hope becomes change in November.

We have too much faith in too great a God to fail–and–His promises are for prosperity and blessings, as long as sin is part of our past.

Help us to stay the course Lord–we’re closer than we think.


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