Summer Bet in Winter

The official start of spring isn’t for a few more days.

That means it’s winter time in New England where the temperature is 77 degrees.

Not usually–but this year’s different.

I had to fly east earlier this week and as we were leaving Sacramento, where it had been in the 50’s and raining for three days, the pilot announced it was 80 in Chicago.


It’s been a very mild winter almost everywhere, in spite of the fact that points further north, like Anchorage, Alaska, are having record snow falls.

The other oddity is our Stock Market.

When it comes to investing in it, my gut says stay as conservative as possible.

Could it be, with our national debt at crisis level and our dollar weak and vulnerable that investors are betting on a new, more fiscally responsable administration?

According to a recent U.S. News and World Report survey, by 2 to 1, Americans greatest fear for 2012 is the re-election of Barrack Obama.

I believe the public has seen enough and are talking to their neighbors about the direction America is going.

They must be hearing what I’m hearing from most people I know, even in Blue Massachusetts.

Anyone but Obama.

In head-to-head competition with the two Republican front-runners, according to recent Gallup Polls, the President loses to either one.

I’m not ready to bet the family farm on Obama losing, as we have much work to do to educate the simple-minded, who think that turning down an oil pipeline from Canada was good for America, even though gasoline prices are at $4.

We have much to do when many “Catholics” still vote for a President who believes abortifacient drugs should be free at all Catholic Institutions.

God forgive us all.

Yet, by many signs, hope is on the horizon and change is in the air.

So desperate are the American people to get us back on track, they’ll put on shorts, sandals and tank tops and walk around Chicago and New England in the winter.

It’s a very strange time.


2 Responses to “Summer Bet in Winter”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hi James! I don’t consider myself simple-minded but I shudder to think of ANY of the Republican candidates in the Presidential seat. If that happened, God WOULD have to help us all!

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