Capture the Flag–Veterans Not Playing Games

I have no idea who invented the game “capture the flag.”

I do however, have fond memories of playing it with earnest while at Camp Karu in the Berkshire town of Washington, Mass in the 60’s.

The camp was owned by a Judge who was friends with my dad.

A yellow school bus picked us up each weekday morning and bounced us all the way up Washington Mountain to that picturesque location.

I can still see the dark-colored ponies behind the electric wire fence around the corral as we walked up the driveway after the bus let us off.

I learned how to ride a horse and what a wire fence could do.

I learned how to swim there, in their in ground pool.

I learned that cabins, where we needed privacy to put on our bathing suits could just as easily be in hollowed out areas behind the tree line.

One of my happiest memories of Karu were the privileges I had to purchase soda pop.

My mom gave me 3 dimes each morning and I would tuck them into a little leather pouch that had two metal balls at the top which snapped past each other to keep it closed.

With that giant 30 cent haul, I could afford three bottles a day of Nehi Orange, Grape or Root Beer soda.

I was an Orange guy, the flavor was sweet and tangy.

The machine would display the bottle caps only through a narrow glass door.

Once the dime was inserted, we had one yank at the bottle top of our choice.

Then, it would lock up again, until another 10 cents fell into the slot.

Times were different.

There was no food police criticizing my choice of a sugary soft drink, nor did anyone think twice about the re-enactment of a capture the flag ritual that was based on real war games.

If kids tried that game now at recess, they’d be sent off for anti-war counseling.

Speaking of learning the hard way, some veterans saw something this week that made them see red.

A Democrat headquarters in Lake County Florida was flying a unique version of the American flag.

The flag had a photo of President Obama inserted where the 50 stars would’ve been.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the news story.

Imagine what a left-wing newspaper like the Berkshire Eagle, or the New York Times would’ve reported had that been a Republican HQ with a George W. face illegally altering old glory?

You won’t get news like this at CNN, or MSNBC.

Thanks for stopping by for your daily dose of Truth dear readers.

Oh…and God bless the veterans of Lake County Florida, for capturing a flag, which, in my opinion, should never have been flown in the first place.

They got it as a gift.


From who?

Three cheers and a Nehi rough on the throat Root Beer toast to you veterans, loyal purple Grape for my readers and of course, bold and sour Orange for me.



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