Policy on Driving America Under the Influence

In the past few weeks there have been two tragic accidents in our area, in which young women were killed by drunk drivers.

Driving under the influence is nothing to joke about, especially when it comes to those who are chronic abusers of the roadways and alcohol.

There was an article in our local paper today of a man who crashed into a light pole on Hurlbut St. in Pittsfield, Mass.

Unable to restart his vehicle, he casually walked across the street to the Big Y Supermarket parking lot.

When the sirens started to blare, because witnesses phoned in the crash, Mr. Calm and Collected took off like a rabbit.

There’s no doubt there are common sense people in the lives of drunk drivers who do their best to try and convince them to stop.

But, sadly, they continue and the results are always the same.

News came out yesterday from the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, about how the President’s projected cost of health care has almost doubled what he promised the American people while he was jamming it down our throats.

The CBO by the way is a non-partisan accounting group that just reads numbers and spits out projections.

Try to imagine the kid in your Algebra II or Calculus class who you were only nice to around final exam time…that’s who runs it.

So you know they’re not making this stuff up, they have the grades to prove it.

The Democrats have made some incredibly odd statements lately, such as, “we’re hoping to win back the House.”

That one is not much different from the President casually walking away from the failed Health Care budget promise.

I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about his $940 billion dollar estimate now going to $1.76 trillion.

My guess…if any liberal reporter has the courage to ask..and it won’t be George Stephanopoulos, I can guarantee that…he’s going to beat the crap out of a few math whiz boys as if that’s O.K.

Listen here Mr. President, we Americans aren’t perfect, but we don’t like bullies.

Admit you’re wrong, pull the plug on your over-reaching idea for Health Care for everyone by the Government and turn yourself in.

You and your buddies lost almost 70 seats in the House in 2010 because of this idea and don’t forget the Scott Brown miracle in Massachusetts.

Conservatives are actually your friends, not your enemies.

We’re telling you how to stay out of trouble with the electorate.

Yet, just like an habitual drunk driver, you stay under the influence of your radical left-wing friends.

Too bad, you had so much promise.


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