Hypothetically–Jews Beat Catholics Hands Down

Since the beginning of the newest HHS mandate controversy, real Catholics have done a fair job of pushing back against the President, requiring all our institutions provide contraception and abortifacients against their better conscience.

Obama hasn’t backed down, he’s just made up a sophomoric, but still anti-Catholic compromise, that’s yet to appease the Bishops.

Ask any android on the left and they’ll mechanically say, “that issue has been resolved by the President, making insurance companies pay–not the institutions”

Please…we weren’t born yesterday and if the Bishops aren’t buying it, why should we–the faithful that is?

Sadly, I have dozens of Catholic acquaintances, friends and relatives, who don’t see this attack on the Church as “a big deal.”

It’s a bit of a downer.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s pretend for a minute President Obama makes another decree, in order to save the Federal Government and the States millions of dollars.

Let’s imagine he makes a new law that says American institutions of every kind, schools, military bases, federal office buildings etc… shall no longer be allowed to provide Kosher alternatives in their cafeterias.

Reason being, only 15% of the Jews in this country eat Kosher, and the cost savings far outweigh any conscience issues that would result.

Sound familiar?

If you’re Jewish, forgive me for speaking for Jews as a whole, I’m not one, but, I mean nothing but high praise, and I’m only trying to make a point, so, I hope you’ll give me a pass.

I dare say, hypothetically again, there’d be nary a Jewish household, Kosher or not, that wouldn’t stand up with the indigence of a scorned Uncle Leo against Obama the great anti-semitic tyrant.

I can picture Barbara Streisand’s thumb in Obama’s eye the next time she plays the White House, or Ben Stein’s boot squarely inserted….well…you know where.

I can also visualize both of them proudly going off to jail for life–on principle alone.

Sadly, as a whole, we Catholics just write dumb blogs, like this one, hoping for a Catholic (or even Mormon) miracle to replace the President in November.

So, now you see why I believe Jews beat Catholics hands down.

Go ahead Obama, give it a try, I’d give anything to see a bowl of matzo ball soup dumped on your head next time you campaign in the Upper West Side.


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