Contraception and Food Stamps–Solutions for the Leftettes

Now that the story about Sandra Fluke and her “attack” from Rush Limbaugh has calmed down a bit, we can finally start to look more closely at what exactly it is she was whining about in front of Nancy Pelosi.

It turns out her testimony was not really sanctioned by Congress, but one that Pelosi orchestrated for TV…a mock testimony…kind of like one of those infomercials that tries to come across as a talk show, but rambles on and on about the same product.

The bottom line is that she wants you and me and the insurance company at her Catholic College to pay for her birth control.

How dare anyone have a conscience about abortion.

All that religion stuff is what she went to Georgetown to fix, remember.

According to Megan Kelly of Fox News, a former Law School Student who couldn’t afford Georgetown Law, to the tune of $50,000 per year, Miss Fluke will earn around $160,000 annually when she graduates.

Fast forward a few days to the other extremely conscientious young lady from Detroit, Amanda Clayton, who won a million dollars in the State of Michigan Lottery, but continued to use Food Stamps.

Her excuse?

They didn’t cut her off, so, she figured it was O.K.

I have .000000001% more respect for Amanda than I do for Sandra, who’s a highly educated, willing pawn in the “let’s get Obama re-elected game because real Catholics won’t ever vote for him.”

When you boil it down, what’s the difference really between these two women?

They both feel that others should pay for free stuff for them simply because they don’t have an income.

Here’s the video of Amanda if you haven’t seen it.

As long as the Michigan legislature is fixing the problem with communication between the lottery and welfare offices, why not make one more change.

How about making financial counseling mandatory for anyone who wins that much money.

She has a half million dollars, but no income.


She hasn’t a clue on how to invest it.

If that were my kid, she’d be walking into an upscale three family town house.

The income that she says she doesn’t have, would come from the other two tenants paying her rent every month–until she dies.

I call that Lebanese capitalism–my non tabouly eating friends call it common sense.

As for Miss Fluke, I’m about to make the most controversial statement ever made in 2012, far more controversial than anything Rush Limbaugh said.


Maybe I’d better not.

I can never run for President if I say this….

No…America needs the Truth.

I’ve got to say it.


Here we go.



Uh oh.

I’d better move to Senegal or something.

I might be jailed for that comment.

I think I hear Nancy Pelosi coming up my driveway with a posse.


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