Vetting the Pres(s)–Derrick Bell and the Man-Hug

Last night the late Andrew Breitbart’s dream came true.

Sean Hannity aired the unedited video tape of Harvard student Barry Obama licking the boots of radical liberation Professor Derrick Bell, the mentor to Pastor Jeremiah Wiright…the man who blesses America by damning it from his pulpit.

The Pres can no longer say, as he did of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, “he was just a guy in my neighborhood,” or, “I just sat in Reverend Wrights pew, but did not agree with him.”

Breitbart and his team uncovered the almost forever hidden “man hug” to go along with the words…”open your heart and minds to the teaching of Professor Derrick Bell.”

What’s far more upsetting is the idea that the liberal media, in sync with the Harvard elite, admittedly kept this video hidden, so it would not air during the 2008 election and hurt Obama’s chances.

Watching the video in and of itself is not that bad.

It’s our community organizer doing what he does best.

Oh…really valiant effort Juan Williams, playing this down–as Hannity’s guest.

Too bad for you Michelle Malkin, Sean’s other guest, was smart enough to slap you upside the head for acting like it was no big deal.

Congrats also to the Harvard elite and the main-stream Press for keeping this under wraps for so long.

You almost got away with it.

Covering up Truth is about the best Evil can do.

2,000 years ago they killed a man named Jesus, who came to earth to die for the shortcomings of the most heinous people in the world, like Bill Maher and me.

If you’re a believer in Truth you know Christ could not be kept down.

If you’re a believer in the main-stream Press then you probably trust the Pres too.

Here’s more Truth about you.

If you think it’s OK to ignore the Truth about Barrack Obama, then you probably think it was a good idea for him to turn down the Keystone Oil Pipeline from Canada, so we can pay more money for gas at the pumps.

That’s what the President wants, so we’ll buy the Chevy Volt.

Nice job.

4 more years?

I sure hope not, but the Press and the Pres will be screaming how badly we need him.

It’s up to you and your vote to say no.

Hug your wallet, hug your freedom, hug your constitution, but please don’t hug him again.

You will need to click on this link to see the video.


One Response to “Vetting the Pres(s)–Derrick Bell and the Man-Hug”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Breitbart’s focus was not so much on vetting Obama but vetting the press. I think the most damning part of these tapes is when Oglebee (or whatever his name was) stated that they had hidden this tape.
    If we can expose the Democrat Media Complex for what it is, then that is when we win. Exposing Baracka’s ultra radical past will just be icing on the cake.
    Those of us who do not get their information from LSM already know who Baraka is.
    If we citizen journalist and bloggers can saturate the market with what is really happening eventually more and more people will see the how dark and corrupt our LSM really is.
    There will be a straw the breaks the camels’s back

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