Michigan, Arizona and the Dragon

Today’s an important day for the Republican primary candidates.

My wish is that there is a clear winner.

It’s time to start focusing more on the real enemy of freedom.

A name that must not be spoken.

I realize that primary races have a purpose, but, at some point, just like the Daytona 500, we fans want to forget the time trials and pole positions and get down to the actual green flag to start the race.

I’ll never forget the first political contest I was in.

It was the fourth grade and I was a candidate for vice president of the class at St. Mark’s school.

There were about 30 kids.

I had no idea it was possible for me to lose.

I thought I was so well liked.

I did lose, by one vote, to Glenn Bassett.

How crushing was that defeat for me?


It doesn’t hurt any more, but I recall the feeling of humiliation.

Fact is, half the class was with me, except for one.

Many times in life, we get so focused on winning that we forget to see that there is love around us, even if by human standards we fail.

I appreciate anyone who runs for office, even those with opposing ideals.

It’s a huge risk in so many areas.

Since we conservatives know who our real enemy is, we need to pray for all of our candidates, that God can use them, even when they’re ultimately turned away from the nomination.

They have fought hard for the opportunity to slay a dragon.

For that we must be grateful.

I just can’t remember that dragon’s name.

Oh yeah…Puff.

May we all some day forget the smoke and mirrors.


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