Obama Prefers “Gradually” Higher Gas Prices

For those who love Obama, but are complaining about the price of gasoline, be consoled by the fact that your hero is OK with it.

Yes…that’s right, Barrack Obama, in an interview just a few short months ago, when gas prices rose above $4, made the following comment, when asked if these higher prices could help us.

I’m not opposed to the President’s vision for a country less reliant on foreign oil.

I stopped burning home heating oil two years ago and switched my house over to natural gas.

It was very liberating.

The decision I made, moving to a proven system like natural gas, reduced demand and increased the supply of oil, even if it was a relatively minute amount.

The problem with Obama’s vision for America, being free from foreign oil, is that he’s trying to use the Government to force change faster than simple free market economics will allow.

His boondoggle investment in Solyndra, the $500 million he gave them, is gone forever.

It’s his administration that approved the loan, but  you and I that have to pay it back.


Because he wanted to force America to accept his dream, before the technology was ready to compete on a global scale.

The free market would not have permitted such non-sense, that’s why his government accounting office recommended Solyndra not receive any loans.

If you’re wondering why the President seems to be agreeing that high gas prices are OK, it’s because he knows he can’t force Americans to switch to alternative fuels, until they feel the pain at the pump.

Are you enjoying the full nelson you and your wallet are in at the gas pumps?

That’s no hero to me.

So, the next time you fill up, don’t think of Obama as feeling your pain.

He wants you to feel pain.

And, he doesn’t pay for gasoline, remember, he’s the President.

He doesn’t pay for vacations or food either.

He can’t relate to anything you’re experiencing right now.

Here’s another fact, the President is doing nothing to lower prices at the pump, because he likes it.

If he cared about what you were paying, he would’ve approved the Keystone Oil Pipeline with our friendly neighbors in Canada.

Instead, he hides behind his environmental extremist friends and blames the Republicans for having to turn down the oil pipeline.

In the meantime that oil is headed to China.

That’s politically correct garbage, similar to the stuff we hear when a bank robber blames his upbringing for his felonious behavior.

The madness will soon come to an end.

I just wish November would get here–less gradually.


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