Forgiveness First–Healing Second

In today’s Gospel reading from Mark 2, we read about the paralytic man whose friends’ faith help him find healing.

The house in which Jesus was preaching was so crowded, they had to climb up to the roof, remove the tiles, then lower their sick comrade into the middle of the room.

May God grant us all friends with such dedication.

One aspect of the story I’ve always wanted to look into more deeply, is the part where Jesus says;

“Which is easier to say?”

“My son, your sins are forgiven.”


“Pick up your bed and walk.”

From a grammatical point of view, in English anyways, there appears to be the same number of words.

We’ll get back to that later.

From a Spiritual standpoint, forgiveness is far more important.

Here’s why.

Everyone of us have sinned and fall far short of the glory of God.

Even if we’re perfectly healthy, our souls need to be healed.

Christ also promised, when we meet Him on the other side, all our tears will be wiped away.

That means, the blind, the deaf, the paralytic and the diseased of any kind, will be made whole for all eternity.

Without forgiveness, our earthly health is only temporary.

If we die at 103, without ever having an ailment and we’ve even taught exercise classes to thousands, our soul–unforgiven–still cannot enter God’s Kingdom.

I’m not an Aramaic scholar…but, I do know a bit of Arabic, so, forgive me for using that language instead, close enough for most I hope…and, since I brought up the point, regarding the two statements apparently having the same length, I have to show you how Jesus cannot lie.

Here’s what Jesus said: ‹خَطاياكَ مَغفُورَةٌ›

Here’s what he didn’t :  ‹انهَضْ وَاحْمِلْ فِراشَكَ وَامشِ


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