Brunch with Barack–a Relative Bargain–$35,800

Has anyone noticed how Obama the fund-raiser is not the same person as Obama the share-the-wealth idealist?

With few accomplishments on which to run, all we hear is a steady barrage of divisive class warfare speeches, comparable to those of a Russian Revolutionary.

Time and again, our leader speaks out against the top 1% of Americans, as if they’re success is our biggest problem.

Instinctively, common sense citizens know the opposite is true.

Success of the top 1% is the only hope we have, as they alone create jobs in the private sector.

No one else does–no one.

I’m not sure of the exact number of people involved in the Occupy Movement, but I am sure less than 1% of them are small business owners.

Dealing dope is not a small business.

How do I know this?

Entrepreneurs are far too busy working their butts off to spend weeks at a time sleeping in tents, singing Bob Dylan songs and smoking grass, in the name of gimme-your-money-so-I-don’t-have-to-work philosophies.

Another irony is how Obama will be touting the country’s miniscule improving employment numbers, again, only because the top 1% are hiring more people.


Hysterically, these new jobs are helping his campaign, while at the same time the job creators are his villains.

Worst of all, if this doesn’t make you want to lose your $1 McDouble, check out excerpts from a story recently reported by the news website.

Sorry for the herky-jerky syntax below, it’s a reflection of the subject.

The president will attend a private “Medina Brunch with Barack”…The price tag for admission is $35,800 per couple, the same as a glitter event in Los Angeles the next day…He’s then to do a photo line or candid photos (going around to all the tables)…Obama is also doing a (relatively) low-budget event, a “Seattle lunch with Barack” prepared by renowned chef Tom Douglas.  General admission to the Paramount is $1,000, with preferred seating going for $2,500 a person.  The invite adds:  “Preferred seating + photo — $7,500/person — additional people in a single photo will need to cover the cost of the seat (i.e. for a couple is $10,000)…The tab to become a table captain is $10,000, or $25,000 to be a “preferred table captain” — “You will be able to join in the photo line.”

I’m speechless.

But you know that can’t really happen.

Hypocrites of the world–unite.

Your powerful leader can teach you how to hate the rich and rob them blind–all before lunch.


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