The Remnant–With Colored Envelopes

As a practicing Roman Catholic for over 50 years, there are a few changes to The Church I think are worth pointing out.

Some a bit disturbing, others more encouraging.

First–we are contracting.

What I mean is that congregations with smaller populations are being closed and then folded into larger ones, to save on resources.

It’s sad in a way, that the vision of mostly immigrant faithful, who built their Churches in America here on the East coast, nearly 80 or so years ago, are now seeing them (from above of course) being turned into almost everything imaginable, under new ownership of the property.

The other thing I’ve noticed, which is a bit more encouraging, after you think hard and long about it, is the lack of loose change being thrown about during the collections.

Real Catholics in my age bracket know what I mean.

There’s nothing more disturbing than a clump of coins dropping onto the tile floor, causing heads to turn more than one of those fancy feathered hats our moms used to wear.

The days of casual Catholics showing up with no Church envelopes, (an indication of membership) are gone.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the Church was filled with families that sporadically attended, who, when collection time came, could be heard shuffling through their pants pockets, or purses, looking for loose change to pitch at the basket.

This past Sunday, I noted that our usher was pulling in nothing but green envelopes from faithful members of our congregation, as he made his way from front to back.  No sounds of any kind as they hit.

The world is probably laughing at us, as our numbers dwindle.

But they don’t know that God is weeding us out–just like He did on the night of the last supper, sending Judas to go and do what he must do, or when He broke down Gideon’s army from tens of thousands to just 300.

So, the next time you’re at Church and the pews are a bit less full than you remember, from the olden days, just be glad that those sitting there are actually listening to the prayers with repentant hearts.

We are a remnant and God loves to help us as we grow weaker than ever.

The last shall be first.


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