Whitney Song Most Daughters are Allowed to Play

It’s the morning after singer superstar Whitney Houston passed away in a Beverly Hills Hotel; the night before the 2012 Grammy Awards.

We need to pray for her family during this difficult time.

Fame and fortune cannot soften the blow of heartache and loss.

The impact this woman had on young girls, aspiring to be singers themselves, is in a class of its own.

Having directed our Church’s Father-Daughter-Dance for 14 years, I can confirm that Whitney’s songs were the most requested by at least a margin of 2-1 over any other artist.

It comes as no surprise that this tragic story is dominating the news.

Ironically, the President’s PR people, at least from a “front page” point of view, are able to take a breather.

His battle with the Catholic Bishops is in full swing and the fat guys with the little red beanies have been winning big.

The fight continues and Almighty God, like a great symphony orchestra conductor in the sky, never puts down his baton.

Every tear that falls has a purpose in His plan for redemption of lost souls.

Whitney was called home by our Father–her work here on earth is done.

One of my favorite metaphors, regarding the life of a stalwart person after they’ve passed, goes like this–a tree is far easier to measure once it has fallen.

Whitney has made dozens of beautiful songs throughout her tumultuous career.

True, she had demons–don’t we all.

For those of you in the White House who think Ms. Houston’s death provides you a break in your battle with the Bishops–think again.

I’m their equally fat little armor bearer; call me Sam Wise.

Please consider reposting this video, especially my conservative Christian friends.

Right on cue Lord…Arthur Fiedler would be proud.

He was a Tanglewood conductor–and may have been a Hobbit.


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