Obama’s Waterloo–Too Late to Tweak

Funny how the President told the American Bishops they had a year to cave in to his mandate for The Church to pay for contraception and abortion drugs.

Within minutes of his radical announcement the curtain closed on his Presidency.

Whatever slim chance he had to survive is gone, even if he pulls a complete mea culpa.

Since November is less than a year away, it’s actually the President whose hourglass is the elephant in the room.

Last night, Sean Hannity had a panel of Clergy members as guests.

The response from the Roman Catholic Priests and Baptist Ministers was completely unified–no shock there.

What surprised me was the response from the two Black Ministers who were panelists–I expected them to urge America to be patient with our leader.

How wrong I was.

The first speaker made the point that the Black Church in America is the only institution Black citizens actually own–according to Pew Research.

He opined that Mr. Obama never once reached out to them for advice on matters of religion or faith–they’re simply taken for granted and permitted to speak only on command.

The second Black Minister continued in the same vein, reminding America that the highest percentage of abortions are of African-American babies.

The tweaked mandate, spun yesterday, February 10th, from Obama’s radical tower, is nothing but that–a tweak.

Saying that insurance companies are going to pay, not the religious institutions, is a gimmick, not much different from a supermarket/gas deal.

The gasoline cost doesn’t really go down, you’re just paying for your incremental 10 cent discount by buying more stuff.

And for religious institutions who are self-insured, they themselves are the insurance company and would therefore still be paying for something they believe to be sin.

The Obama Government has shredded the Constitution for the last time.

This is his Waterloo.

Finally, the biggest sin of all is that we Americans were so asleep at the wheel, we tolerated the campaign lies of a radical leftist, hell-bent on destroying every American ideal he could find.

Wake up America, we really do have less than a year to throw the bum out and get our freedom back.


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