Biden Finally Gets it Right

I’ve written a few blogs making fun of Joe Biden.

He’s a pretty easy mark, especially for a Conservative wise guy like me.

In a Reuters News article I read earlier today, which cited ABC sources, I could not help but have warm thoughts about the VP.

ABC News, citing sources, said the rule had been the focus of an intense internal skirmish at the White House, with Biden, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and then-Chief of Staff Bill Daley warning it would spark heavy political fallout.

But they lost the fight to a group that included Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and senior advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Plouffe, who argued birth control saved women’s lives, reduced unwanted pregnancies and was a fundamental women’s health issue, ABC said.

My dad used to tell me that every person has at least one gift from God that makes him part of an elite class.

I still haven’t quite figured mine out, but, Joe Biden’s seems to be how to run a political campaign, without ticking off Roman Catholics.

Sadly for Joe and his boss, Mr. Obama blew him off.

Now the picking up of the pieces is more difficult, because when that glass vase of Catholic support broke, it cut deeply into the hearts of a rather large voting block, including 153 Bishops, all of whom wrote scathing denouncements to their respective dioceses’ to be read at every Mass.

I never believed Mr. Obama was qualified to be President.

Ironically, I felt his running mate was even less ready to be VP.

I had it half wrong.

Thanks for trying to stop the decision Joe.

I don’t care that your motives were political.

Your insight was elite.


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