Obama vs. Wes Welker

I guess I’m not quite over the Super Bowl loss just yet.

This coming Friday, the one we call casual, those of you with whom I work, will see me wearing a Giants jersey for 8 hours–in payment of a lost gentlemen’s wager.

Here’s a secret–under the 44 Bradshaw cloak–I’ll be wearing an 87 Gronk t-shirt.

That one will be closer to my heart.


As far as what’s closer to the heart, by sheer coincidence yesterday, I was on the phone with customers who were somehow connected to the game.

They were police officers and it seems a young lady they knew, from their community, was recently wed to Wes Welker.

He’s the Patriot receiver who has accepted blame for the loss, due to a not so perfect pass he dropped, which, had he grabbed, might’ve sealed the victory for New England.

It doesn’t seem fair that one person take on the sins of the entire world he’s in, so that others may be forgiven.

Sound familiar?

I also learned from my friends in blue, the Mr. Welker spent part of Christmas day this year making phone calls to kids in the community, as a surprise gift to children with not much under the tree.

The cops provided him the list.

Imagine being one of those kids, and the feeling of getting a phone call from a pro-athlete.

As a kid, who once went bonkers over meeting Mark Belanger in 1971 on the second floor of Besse Clarke’s, (he sold me skis) I recall the adrenalin rush like it just happened.

I have no idea what Wes’s politics are, so, I hope you don’t mind that I juxtapose you against the President.

Here we have one man, declaring that the rights of Catholic institutions don’t exist, where it pertains to protecting the unborn, and that all his problems are the result of Tea Party members and racist bigots–compared to another man, who says he’s the problem and reason his team lost and children he has never met, are just as important to him as any others.

Wes, I doubt my blog will make you forget this Sunday’s game.

In my mind, you will always be the guy who torched the Patriots when you played for the Dolphins.

And, like any true Patriots fan, I leaped for joy when I heard Belichick signed you as a free agent.

That was one of my favorite days as a Pats fan.

We want you back.

Go patriots…beat back the selfish.

Note the small (p).


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