Dying Grace–and the Second Half

Since I’ve taken enough space in this blog to talk football, the least I could do is congratulate Eli Manning and the N.Y. Giants on their victory last night.

In the end, the Patriots had the opportunities to win, but just couldn’t deliver the knock-out punch needed.

The Super Bowl is a lot like a metaphor to the end of our lives.

It’s the finale of a long season and one way or another, after our game ends, it causes us and our loved ones to reflect carefully on how we got there and what we did on the way.

God gives the faithful a special gift called “dying Grace.”

It’s a blessing that allows us to accept the end with courage and peace.

He also shares it with our loved ones in a state of Grace.

We Patriots fans prayed often throughout last night’s loss.

Prayer doesn’t change the outcome every time, but it sure does help with the pain.

Death–to the world anyways–is the end.

To God, it’s the second half of our lives–thank you Clint Eastwood–if you saw the commercial you know what I mean.

Even a long life can pale in comparison to the magnitude of our spiritual well-being, as we prepare to meet God.

One of the biggest ironies of this year’s Super Bowl was the sheepish look on the face of the Giant’s Ahmad Bradshaw, after he scored the game winning touchdown.

He was almost the goat, because he didn’t take a knee at the 1-yard line, and gave Tom Brady too much time to attempt a come back.

Like life, the money we’ve earned and accolades thrown our way, may be mismanaged time, that left us strangers to our loved ones.

And for what?

In football, there’s always next year.

In life, there’s just the second half.

How are you spending your first half?


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