Here’s Mud In Your Eye

The Bible teaches we should build our house on solid rock, not sand.

When rock gets wet, it glistens.

When sand gets wet, it turns to mud.

I know politicians like to campaign by pointing out the weaknesses of their opponents.

When it comes to final elections, sometimes there’s just no way around it.

As far as primary races are concerned, I’ve grown incredibly weary of the mud being thrown by the Republican hopefuls at each other.

The one time I was in a competitive campaign, I never worried about what people said.

I only cared about the people’s enemy–poor leadership for our community.

Do us a favor guys and start talking about what we all fear most–the re-election of Barrack Obama.

He has more money set aside, to attack the eventual primary winner, than any previous would-be second term Presidential hopeful.

The more you focus on him now, the better chance you’ll appear like the front-runner.

In spite of his numerous policy failures, the President still has mountains of liberal loot.

His dreary approval ratings can turn in a heart beat, due to a fickle electorate.

Mud is his foundation for re-election.

It’s not solid rock, but it can be blinding if you get hit in the face with enough of it


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