Pride and Prejudice Review–A Tolerable Chick Flick

Don’t get me wrong.

This movie was sprung on me last night by my daughter.

I’d never have thought twice to pick this up at a video rental store.

Yes, thank God, there’s still one left in Pittsfield called East St. Video on the corner of East and Lyman.

As a courtesy to Marisa, I offered to watch the beginning of the movie with her, believing I’d bow out after a half hour or so.

Not so…I couldn’t quit it.

This was a tale based on a 19th century novel of the same name by classic English author Jane Austen.

What struck me was the purity of behavior and rules which men and women lived under back then, yet–still, the chemistry of love and attraction was just as romantic–more actually.

Being an old-fashioned sort myself, I cannot help but recommend you watch this movie.

It’s especially appropriate I endorse this, considering my declared role as conservative writer.

If you’re looking for a love scene in the movie, there are dozens, just none with any touching involved–that’s if you don’t count the hands during the waltz.

You just have to see it to understand.

Even the final kiss at the closing scene dares, but never goes there.

It worked for me.

Personal note; I once fell smitten with a young woman I had no way of meeting, other than through her father, who often came to my father’s store to purchase boxes of baseball cards.

He worked at Pete’s Motors across the street.

One day I asked him if I had permission to go out with his daughter.

“I have no idea, you’ll have to ask her yourself” he said with a polite but puzzled look on his face and he gave me their home phone number.

She was not impressed.

I thought following the rules would help.

19th century tactics in the 1980’s weren’t that popular.

Congratulations to the producers of that movie and especially to actress Keira Knightley for your outstanding job as leading lady.

You were quite good.

The sexual revolution was in full swing way back then, as long as it involved a mother and father in an approved and blessed marriage.

Those were the days.


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