Lenny Skutnik vs. Warren Buffet’s Secretary–Thanks Rush

I take no credit for making this comparison.

I found this excellent point made today while reading Rush Limbaugh’s manuscript from his show yesterday.

He’s so right.

The very first State of the Union address, in which a public citizen was invited as a guest and introduced to the audience, was by Ronald Reagan in 1982.

Lenny Skutnik was lauded as a hero for jumping into the icy waters of the Potomac to rescue a female victim of a commercial plane crash.

As always, Reagan gave props to a true American hero and brought class to everything he did.

In President Obama’s State of the Union address, he invited Warren Buffet’s secretary, used her as a prop, and brought nothing but class warfare to an otherwise stately ceremonial speech.

How in the world does having her in the gallery as an invited guest, inspire us Mr. President?

What heroic thing did she do?

We’re not really that surprised by you anymore, just consistently appalled.

Other than using her as a tool to make same unproven comparison about her tax rate being lower than her boss, which is a clouding of the facts, income from stocks are always taxed at a different rate than wages, why is she there?

Thank you Rush for pointing out this deplorable game Obama is playing to get re-elected.

Please pray that God sends more heroes to rescue us from the icy waters of our frozen economy.


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